​Natural hot spring bath admission tickets to all guests who booked a stay through our official website!

Guests who booked your stay through Hotel Monterey Sendai's official website will be presented with tickets to enter "Sala Terrena Spa", our natural hot spring bath located on the 17th floor of the hotel. Feel free to soak and relax in our popular natural hot spring bath. Check Hotel Monterey Sendai's plans & best rates!

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The rooms combine a refined elegance with modern practical amenities for a relaxing and comfortable stay. Rooms are all Non-smoking and equipped Free Wi-Fi, bath amenities and pajamas. 



Please take advantage of our restaurant's exceptional service and cuisine, be it for an important business engagement, a special occasion or simply for a relaxing meal with family and friends.



Allow us to take care of all your conference needs, from banquets and parties to meetings and seminars.




    • 仙台観光画像_伊達政宗騎馬像

    Site of Sendai Castle (Aoba Castle) / Zuihoden Mau

    Above all else, Sendai is famous for Date Masamune, the city's founding father, legendary ruler, and feared samurai. He chose to build a castle on this natural fortress, and though the castle itself is no longer standing, you can see the stone walls and reconstructed guard tower, as well as views over the city of Sendai from the site of the old castle keep, where a statue of Masamune on horseback now stands.
    [From Hotel Monterey Sendai, take the Loople Sendai bus from the West Exit of Sendai Station (15 minutes to Zuihoden Mausoleum ; 22 minutes to Site of Sendai Castle)]

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    • 仙台観光画像_仙台駅西口エリア

    Sendai Station West Exit Area

    This area offers a vibrant mix of shopping arcades and commercial buildings, meaning that there are plenty of shopping and dining options available. There is also Mitakisan Fudoin, a small shrine where locals come to pray for business prosperity. In summer, the Sendai Tanabata Festival is held here, while New Year sees the streets crowded for the new year sales.
    [About 3 minutes on foot from Hotel Monterey Sendai]

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    • 仙台観光画像_定禅寺通

    Jozenji-dori Area

    Jozenji-dori is a popular street lined with Japanese Zelkova trees. Here you will find Sendai Mediatheque, housing galleries and cafes, as well as the nightspot of Kokubunji. In December, the Sendai Pageant of Starlight sees the Zelkova trees illuminated by 600,000 lights. 
    [About 15 minutes on foot from Hotel Monterey Sendai]

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    • 仙台観光画像_仙台港エリア

    Sendai Port Area

    This area is packed full of things to do; there is the Sendai Umino-mori Aquarium featuring Tohoku's largest dolphin & sea lion shows, shopping at the Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port, beer factory tours, and more!
    [About 25 minutes by car from Hotel Monterey Sendai]

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    • 仙台観光画像_松島


    Matsushima features about 260 small islands scattered throughout the bay, and is one of Japan's top 3 most scenic view spots. Here you can enjoy the picturesque scenery from a sightseeing boat, or visit historical sites such as the grand Zuiganji Temple (a national treasure), as well as Godaido Temple (an important cultural asset). Enjoy the natural scenery and cultural history of the Date clan in one place.
    [From Hotel Monterey Sendai, it takes about 40 minutes by train from Sendai Station to Matsushima-Kaigan Station]

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    • 仙台観光画像_秋保大滝

    Akiu / Sakunami Area

    A hot spring resort area, easily accessible by car from the center of Sendai city. In addition to the numerous bathing facilities, there are also craft-making workshops available, and plenty of scenic spots to enjoy the nature of the four seasons.
    [About 30 minutes by car from Hotel Monterey Sendai]

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