Making a safe, clean, and comfortable environment.Hotel Monterey Group has completed its total hotel anti-virus and anti-bacterial coating.

In all hotels of Hotel Monterey Group,
in order for guests to use the facilities in the hotels with more peace of mind,
we perform antiviral, antibacterial, deodorizing and antifungal coating using
"Air-Catalyst SELFEEL®" at areas used by guests.
Enjoy your stay in a clean, safe and secure space.

  • 100% Natural minerals

  • Safe & Secure

Nichirin Chemical Co.,Ltd's Air-Catalyst SELFEEL will countinue to decompose causative agents 24 hours a day.
365 day a year.

Six effective power of Air-Catalyst

What is 'Air-Catalyst Selfeel®'?

It is a 100% natural mineral, non-active, clear and odorless liquid. Just by spraying it on your walls or ceiling, it will react with oxygen and water particles in the air and eradicate the harmful materials that create those unpleasant odors. It displays great deodorizing, disinfecting, and anti-viral power.


Dissolve odors at their origin. Clean deodorization!

Selfeel creates the power that dissolves the oxygen and water particles that make up the basis of odors. This power captures all sorts of daily odors such as cigarettes, cooking, lavatories, and pets, dissolves them and deodorizes the air.

Anti-bacterial and
anti-fungal properties

You can rest assured as this product protects against the spread of molds.

Mold particles float around in the air where we cannot see them. Selfeel is excellent when it comes to anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment. It will help keep the places you want most clean to stay that way, like your precious children's room or that kitchen which is so susceptible to humidity.

Anti-viral properties

The particles that make up Selfeel (such as proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, etc.) are anti-oxidizing elements, so it is thought to be a very effective tool against almost all viruses, including the influenza virus.

Dissolving harmful particles

Its power to dissolve odors also acts to dissolve harmful chemicals in the air that are said to be the cause of Sick Building Syndrome. Selfeel will allow you to enjoy a clean and safe life.

Safe, non-hazardous Selfeel

Selfeel has no completely inorganic toxic materials, so it is not harmful to people. It is used in many public facilities like schools and hospitals, as well as on public transport like trains and buses. You can rest assured using it even in a home with small children.

Long lasting effects

'Air-Catalyst Selfeel®' works for 24 hours, giving a long lasting effect where it is used!

Generic sprays only create a limited time effect, forcing you to spray it around continuously. Air-Catalyst Selfeel® is effective in many environments and provides a long lasting effect with just one use.

Please see here for more details on Selfeel.