Spa Trinite

"A penthouse spa to soothe the senses. Spa Trinity will bestow beauty and vitality upon you through its natural spring water."

Located on the 13th floor, the top floor of Hotel Monterey Kyoto, the spa flows with pure natural spring water pumped from 1000m below the city. 'Trinity' was chosen as the name because the spa will offer 3 benefits: the soothing of your spirit, the cleansing of your body, and the revitalization of your mind.

Regenerate your body and restore its natural balance through the healing power possessed by the hot natural spring. Feel the impact of mother nature as you relax in the bath and your body begins its recuperation process.

Concierge Desk

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Chapel St. Simon Zelotes

A faithful recreation of a church in Upper Chelsea, London bearing the same name. The chapel features honeystone walls and a grand skylight that sees the church bathed in warm natural light from above. Meanwhile the decorative stained-glass windows at the ends of the church let in warm, soft lighting and provide a sense of peace and tranquility. Following the main wedding ceremony, the happy couple make their way into the garden where under the blue sky guests can shower them with confetti and mingle together.