Public Bath & Sauna ‘Trinite’

Public Bath & Sauna ‘Trinite’ (4F)

Trinite is a bathing and sauna facility for the exclusive use of hotel guests. It offers a serene and soothing atmosphere, thanks to its design that reflects the culture of Himeji and Japan. The male bathing facility features a dry sauna, while the ladies' one boasts a steam sauna, making it the ideal place to take away your travel weariness after a long day of business or sightseeing.



Washing machines and tumble dryers are available 24 hours a day.
Wash(~5kg/30min) 1 cycle : 300yen
Dry  (~4.5kg/30min)1 cycle : 100yen

Security Information

Each floor is accessed through a security door, meaning that only guests staying on that floor may gain entry. Guests activate the door by holding their room card key over the sensor. The hotel entrance is locked automatically after midnight.To enter the hotel after midnight, please either hold your room card key over the sensor or use the interphone to call the front desk staff.

Chapel Etoile

Our sky chapel is located on the top floor of the hotel, and offers stunning views of the world heritage site of Himeji Castle. Designed in the image of chapels that would traditionally have been found attached to grandiose European stately homes, it lets in streaming rays of natural light from the large windows that occupy an entire wall. The holy atmosphere this evokes, makes it an ideal venue for saying wedding vows on your special day.