Chapel Goedele

A perfect re-creation of the 14th century church that still stands today in Bruges, Belgium. The chapel and the surrounding patio, despite being located on the 8th floor, are out in the open air and bathed in natural light. The chapel feels as if it is tucked away in a cozy European side-street. The stained glass windows let in warm light, while the high vaulted ceiling and antique chandeliers make for a classical and spiritual atmosphere. The open air patio makes a lovely venue for the post-ceremony photos and gathering place.


The white-walled corridor, the white sand lining the chancel, and the altar crowned with a copper roof, make for a traditional, solemn, sacred and authentic atmosphere. To the sound of ancient music, proceed to the altar to make your pledge in a solemn and traditional Buddhist ceremony. Your parents, relatives and friends watching on will make it a warm and memorable occasion.