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A richly fulfilling range of marine activities in the beautiful seas of Okinawa
Yoga and wellness programs offer and even richer experience.
*OPEN: April-October *Close on November to March.

Regarding Small Children Swimming in the Sea or Pool

Elementary school children and children under 130 cm tall must always swim with a parent or guardian. In addition, children who are not yet out of diapers must be wearing a diaper specially designed for playing in the water.

For all Resort Guests:

* There may be cases in which you may not be able to participate in your desired the event or activity due to lack of vacant spots, bad weather, rough seas, or mechanical reasons. * There may be cases in which, due to weather, sea conditions, or other circumstances, your activity or cruise may be canceled, or the embarkation time may be delayed, or the limits regarding the age or number of allowed participants may be changed, so please be aware. * There may be age limits, depending on your desired activity menu. Additionally, there may be times when you cannot participate due to health condition or medical history. * Guests with asthma, pneumothorax, pulmonary tuberculosis, epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension, or guests who are pregnant, may not participate in the diving programs, so please be aware. * Some diving programs require that guests 60 years of age or older provide a health evaluation in order to participate, so please confirm this in advance. * Activity times are estimates based on the sum of travel time to and from the location, instruction time, and activity time. * Certain programs require that children elementary age or younger (in the case of diving experience programs, middle school age or younger) be accompanied by a parent or guardian. * Prices include tax. * In the event a guest needs to cancel due to personal circumstances, we may apply a predetermined cancellation fee. (50% for cancellations the day prior, 100% for cancellations the day of) * Guests who have flown on an airplane the same day may not participate in a diving program due to the effects air pressure can have on the physical condition. * We ask that you refrain from participating in programs when sick or under the influence of alcohol. * The contents or prices of menu activities are subject to change without notice, so please be aware. * Guardians for children must be adults of at least 20 years of age (18 years of age in the case of parents). *For safety, please follow directions given by staff and instructors. * The gathering place for programs, when not otherwise specified above, is the Marine Counter on the 1st floor of the hotel. (Take the Beach Elevator to the 1st Floor)

Reservations / Inquiries

Tiger Beach Resort Club
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