Located just a few minutes from Sendai Station via the pedestrian deck, the hotel is ideally situated for a diverse range of activities, from business to sightseeing and shopping.


From the airport
  • About 20 minutes to Sendai Station on the Sendai Airport Access Line.
By train
  • JR: 3 minutes on foot from the West Exit of JR Sendai Station.
  • SUBWAY: 3 minute on foot from the North Exit No.7 of Sendai Subway Station.
By car
  • About 15 minutes from Sendai Miyagi Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway (head towards Sendai Station)


Tourist Spots



Matsushima is located in the central part of Miyagi Prefecture. Some 260 islands, large and small, are scattered in picturesque Matsushima Bay. it is considered one of the three most beautiful sites in Japan.

  • Access from hotel: 35 minutes by JR train.


Aoba Castle(or Sendai Castle)

Aoba Castle(or Sendai Castle)

Aoba Castle(or Sendai Castle) was built at the beginning of the 17th century. Explore the site of the Castle or rest and relax in the neighborhood of Mt. Aoba-yama, which has been transformed into a gracious public park.

  • Access from hotel: 10 minutes by taxi.


Date Masamune, the first head of the Date clan, lived through a difficult period in 17th century.His body lies in magnificent splendor within the Otamaya Zuihoden among a thick grove of cedars.

  • Access from hotel: 15 minutes by taxi.
Aoba dori-street/Jozenji-dori-street

Aoba dori-street/Jozenji-dori-street

Sendai is known as "The City of Trees." The main streets, Aoba-dori and Jozenji-dori, are lined with rows of beautiful zelkova trees, The Christmas illumination, the "Sendai Pageant of Starlight" is spectacular.

  • Access from hotel: 5 minutes to Aoba dori-street,15 minutes to Jozenji-street.
Akiu-onsen Hot Spring

Akiu-onsen Hot Spring

Akiu-onsen Hot Spring is located in the west part of Miyagi.Though Akiu is near theSendai,over 90 percent of the town consists of mountain and forests. There are modern hotels in the middle of the greenery, giving it a quiet appearance.

  • Access from hotel: 40~50 minutes by bus from JR Sendai station.

Hotel Monte Hermana Sendai

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